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MUSTIE – ‘Winter’

The superb multi-genre producer ‘MUSTIE’, is back with his latest EP, ‘Winter’. The British-Turkish producer fuses contemporary RnB, house and underground club rhythm with raw and soulful vocals on this varied and stunning release.

‘Fast Forward’ opens the EP with its soon established laid back groove. The piano is sparse but attention-grabbing, and the vocals are soulful and smooth. The beat drops in and out, adding texture and keeping the listener entirely on their toes. Blissful.

We liked ‘Flowers’ for its mysterious horn opening, it feels an optimistic and hopeful new beginning of a song and again the eloquent vocals shine. The beat is relaxed too, and the listener feels confident in MUSTIE’s hands. ‘Interlude’ hears solo vocals, broken in their production delivery. The piece builds in layers slowly and evolves in front of the listener’s ear.

The final song, ‘Senescence’ features a skillfully played piano opening. It is hauntingly beautiful, and a solo snare drum appears too. The full beat drops with the high-hats giving a nod to Trapp. It is a wonderful and melancholic instrumental that lets the piano shine. The production is beautiful on the EP too; everything has it’s own space in the mix and is given room to breathe. What a truly exciting talent MUSTIE is.

MUSTIE says, “‘Winter’ is my second EP following ‘Polytheon’, a heavier production, in which I tone it down and lay it back with some lo-fi ambient beats punctuated by experimental melodies and haunting vocals. I hope this will give listeners a taste of what is to come.”

We have fallen in love with the vibe and openness of ‘Winter’. MUSTIE is excellent at his craft, and we can not wait to see what he will do next. Check out ‘Winter’ today!

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