Mystic Waxx – ‘Kayla’ EP Release Out Now

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Mystic Waxx
Mystic Waxx – ‘Kayla’

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Mystic Waxx – ‘Kayla’

Hailing from London, Mystic Waxx is an indie-pop duo whose latest EP ‘Kayla’, is a must-hear release this summer 2020.

Firstly, ‘Tears Left to Cry’ opens the release with an atmospheric and inviting vocal performance. The gentle nature evolves into an intoxicating groove that grips the listener. Secondly, we loved ‘Abandoned Church’, the vocals are warm with luscious tone and compelling melodies. 

‘Late Night Bells’ features gorgeous synths, and enticing melodies. An instrumental piece, this track is the glue that connects the EP. ‘The Dreamer’ closes the EP; in short, it is a hauntingly beautiful piece that leaves the listener wanting more.

‘Tears Left to Cry’ Video

Mystic Waxx – ‘Kayla’

Mystic Waxx says about the release, “The writing of the new materials was inspired by the recent life-changing events of both artists, which ultimately led to the birth of the Mystic Waxx sound. The concept EP captures the mood of ‘Kayla’, an exhibition of neglected love fuelled by the aftermath of the ability to stay positive and move on even when all hope is lost.” They continue, “While each song varies in tone, they are all originals and circle back the concept of the original theme, and the obscure outcome is truly helped by the gentle yet powerful voice of Andrea.”

This formidable duo is a British/Albanian/Polish band who are living in London. They are comprised of classically trained British-Albanian producer Admir Hyka and vocalist Andrea Skalec. This mix of backgrounds gives the band its edge. In addition, their unique character and sound are unparalleled to anything else that we have heard recently. Most importantly, we believe that this makes Mystic Waxx stand out from the crowd. 

Above all, make sure you check out ‘Kayla’ today. It is an exciting listen, and we look forward to hearing what the band will do next.

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