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Naëve – ‘Joy’

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London based artist Naëve released her uplifting single ‘Joy’, in December 2019. It is an enjoyable release showcasing Naëve’s soulful vocals. 

An eloquent piano opens the release. It is soon joined by upbeat percussion and Naëve’s unmistakable vocals. A gospel feel is apparent, and the listener can not help but to be moved. A walking bass creates a driving feel within the single. We loved the backing vocals that add texture to the piece. The addition of an organ adds its own unique colour to the sing too. Naëve’s vocals are filled with emotion, character and charm. Thoroughly enjoyable from the enticing opening to the fade away ending. 

Naëve says, “(We were) born from the instinctive desire to escape the daily routine, breaking the rules in search of happiness on our own terms and questioning ourselves with self-irony, which in such a hectic, competitive society, is the only way to survive.” Citing her influences as Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Amy Winehouse, Freddy Mercury, and many others, we can hear these coming through in ‘Joy’. 

Naëve states that her name originates from the combination of the term ‘naïf’ and that almost childish ingenuity of looking at things for the first time with endearing excitement, and ‘Eve’ like restarting from the beginning. She describes herself as “A modern Alice in Wonderland.” 

Recently, Naëve was shortlisted for the Yamaha Music London Competition final for the chance to win an opening slot for Jools Holland at Mayfair. She is currently working on new songs and a mini UK tour. Naëve is an exciting talent, and we look forward to seeing what she does next. 

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