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Neev – ‘Tunnel Vision’

The supremely talented artist Neev released her latest single ‘Tunnel Vision’ on the 29th February 2020. It is a magical and breathtaking song which needs to be heard to be appreciated. 

An opening rich in bass greets the listener. The bass drum, vocals and a beautifully picked acoustic guitar soon burst into the sonic spectrum. Neev’s vocals are warm and welcoming, filled with emotion and heart. We found the backing vocals to be layered and add extra, unexpected colour to the piece. 

The chorus is infectious and is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button. We loved the addition of the drums, and the stoic bass is melodic, waving its own melodies within the piece but never intruding upon the other instrumentation. 

We adored the strings which gracefully enter and bless the piece. They stay during the following chorus and add their unmistakable tone to the song. Towards the end, the instruments pull out of the single and the listener is left with Neev’s sumptuous vocals to enjoy in their purest form. The rise and fall in ‘Tunnel Vision’s arrangement is magical. We also loved the mix, master and production of the single; there is an honesty and integrity within the music which shines through. 

Neev says about the single release, “It’s 100% my most ambitious project yet, featuring drums, (my aunties on) cello and violin, guitar, bass and vocal support are added by two brilliant songwriter friends.”

Hailing originally from Scotland but now residing in London, Neev is an extremely talented songstress. She is able to emote feelings through her songs directly into the listener’s hearts. A unique talent to have and Neev has it in abundance. 

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