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Nicolaas Walle - Bronwyn O’Brien Sharon Smith
Nicolaas Walle – Bronwyn O’Brien Sharon Smith

Nicolaas Walle – ‘This Is Me Telling You’

Hailing from County Wicklow, musician Nicolaas Walle has released the superb single, ‘This Is Me Telling You’, in February 2022. It is an alternative-rock release with a big heart.

A staccato and inviting opening greets the listener. We adore the electric guitar and beat as they kick in. They lay the solid foundation for the soulful vocals to enter. We adore the main hook, which is catchy and memorable.

In addition, the chordal progression is unexpected and takes the listener by the hand to unexpected pastures. Finally, the guitar solo is melodic, and it effortlessly draws the listener in.

‘This Is Me Telling You’ is only 2 minutes 29 seconds in length but in that time, it packs a mighty big punch! The musicianship is excellent, and it is a single that stands out as one of the finest releases this Spring.

Ciara Adamson

Walle has been joined by the superb vocalist Ciara Adamson on this fantastic single. In addition, Adamson wrote the lyrics for ‘This Is Me Telling You’ and together, the duo have crafted an intelligent song that will stand the test of time.

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Multitalented Artist

Nicolaas Walle also provides the instrumentation and production on ‘This Is Me Telling You’. He is a multitalented artist who has a significant career in music ahead of him.


We are so excited to see that ‘This Is Me Telling You’ is the lead single to be taken from Nicolaas Walle’s album ‘Strange Time, Strange Place’. After hearing ‘This Is Me Telling You’, we can not wait to check out the full release. Make sure you follow Walle’s socials below to be the first to hear about new music news.

Weekday Playlist

So make sure you add ‘This Is Me Telling You’ to your weekday playlist. Walle is an artist who needs to be heard, and we very much look forward to the album release.

Until then, ‘This Is Me Telling You’ is available from the link below. Enjoy today!

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