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Nina Kalinina/Len

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Nina Kalinina/ Len – ‘Kill My Love’

‘Kill My Love’ is the superb latest collaboration between Nina Kalinina and Len (vocals for DEgITx and Complex numbers). It is an electronic-pop release that is filled with a rich heart and soul.

Charming vocals open the release; they instantly draw the listener’s attention in and holds it effortlessly. As the addictive beat drops, the single is in full flow. 

We adore the layered and varied instrumentation, which creates interest and intrigue within the song. ‘Kill My Love’ has an addictive quality that will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. This superb single reaches out and touches the listener, allowing us to feel less alone together.

Nina Kalinina says about the release, “‘Kill My Love’ is a song about a break-up. The singer laments the rejection from the beloved one and is determined to force a change of their own heart, just to realise that the reason behind the break up was their own behaviour.”


Nina Kalinina and Len recorded this stunning single. It has also been excellently mixed by Ella Kova from Tristellar music and unknown. The album art has been executed by the video game artist, Anna Ainsley. Together, the team has done an excellent job creating a song that will stand the test of time. 

One thing is for sure, ‘Kill My Love’ is set to please existing Nina Kalinina and Len fans while simultaneously winning them an army of new ones too. This is a magnificent single that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated!

So make sure you add ‘Kill My Love’ to your playlist this week. We sincerely hope there are further collaborations planned between this formidable duo in the future!

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