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No Franco – ‘Saturdays’ EP

Hailing from Glasgow, No Franco are an magnificent band who have just released their captivating latest EP, ‘Saturdays’.

We adore the opening track; its punk vibe and gritty instrumentation instantly grabs the listeners attention. The band say of the song, “‘Saturdays’ is a party song in its purest form which pulls no punches about the attitude we have towards alcohol in this country. Relentless, self-destructive and brilliant. Chaotic nights out provide us with our best anecdotes as well as soaring highs and crushing lows. This song is about loving more and thinking less.” 

‘It Always Rains’ has a gentler opening with a gorgeously picked electric guitar followed by hauntingly beautiful vocals. This is accompanied by a frantic band sound echoing the trademark No Franco sound we have come to expect following the opening song. 

‘Here We Are’ has a warm bass opening followed by a comparatively laid back rhythm. Honest lyrics and stoic melodies penetrate the song before the addictive punk feel returns. ‘Phantom Limbs’ features wonderfully dirty guitars from the get-go, with the instrumentation evolving in layers as the track rocks on. The band say, “‘Phantom Limbs’ rages about heartbreak, trauma, and an exploration of our society’s confused attitudes towards mental health. Talking about our feelings is paramount if we are talking to the right person and utterly irresponsible to place in the wrong hands.” Amen. 

No Franco are comprised of band members, Jack (Vocals and Guitar), Connell (Bass), Blair (Drums), and Andrew (Guitar). They have been playing together under different guises for over six years. No Franco is a band who know each other’s playing inside out. The four-piece are excellent musicians and have created a unique piece of work with ‘Saturdays’. 

So make sure you check out No Franco this weekend. They are a band who need to be heard to be fully appreciated! 

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