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Noir Yon

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Noir Yon – ‘So Far So Sad’

Noir Yon is a Berlin-based artist whose latest EP ‘So Far So Sad’ is a brilliant singer/songwriter release. The seven-track EP is a must-hear release this November 2020. 

The intro gently swims into the sonic spectrum and the atmosphere is set as to what is to come. ‘Who Am I’ features gorgeous guitar work and layered vocals that are filled with emotion. It is a hauntingly, beautiful song with a big heart. 

‘I Hope I’m Not Gonna Miss Out’ is a gorgeous song. The acoustic guitar is masterfully picked in the beginning and effortlessly transcends to a strumming pattern. The depth in the vocals adds another colour to the piece too. 

‘See You Soon’ has superb instrumentation that is gentle yet hard-hitting in equal measure. Finally, the title-track closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more!


Noir Yon says about the release, “The EP is autobiographical affected by the last couple of years. It summaries thoughts and the words that wouldn’t be said when saying it as a person living in a society, where it’s not easy to talk about their feelings and showing weakness.” He continues, “But it’s easier visualising them as an artist in a song or as a whole EP to let it out and tell a story with it.”

Noir Yon (AKA Jonathan Pham) is a talented musician. This troubadour is making waves with ‘So Far So Sad’, and we can not recommend his music highly enough. 

The EP was recorded and mixed at Noir Yon’s home over a period of four months. The result is a warm and inviting sound that welcomes the listener in and holds their attention effortlessly. 

So make sure you check out ‘So Far So Sad’, it is a brilliant EP that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated! 

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