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NOPRISM – ‘Pieces’

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NOPRISM are a Newcastle-upon-Tyne based band. Their latest release ‘Pieces’ is an indie-pop classic in the making. 

A punchy drum groove opens the single. It is swiftly followed by darting and melodic synths. We loved the additions of a compelling guitar and layered percussion. All of this creates a solid foundation for the soulful vocals to spring from. Relatable lyrics fill the sonic spectrum, and we believe this is what will please existing NOPRISM fans while winning them an army of new ones too. We love the driving chorus that is fun and joyous; it will have your toe-tapping in no time! 

The ever-changing vocal performances each have their own character and groove. The instrumental is compelling, and we love how the song evolves along with the listener. The ending has had just as much care, and attention paid to it, taking a new direction and leaving the listener wanting more. Textured and filled with colour, ‘Pieces’ is indie-pop at its finest. 

NOPRISM – ‘Pieces’

NOPRISM describes their sound as, “No pretensions or claims of world domination. It’s just good pop music that makes you want to dance. And there’s always room for that, right?” They continue, “It’s a song about mistakes, regret and picking up the…..”

‘Pieces’ is the 3rd release in 3 months from NOPRISM. The band make electronica-infused pop music, which takes in influence from modern funk, 80’s new wave, post-rock and noise-laced guitar bands. They are reinventing the genre for 2020 with this latest release. We very much look forward to hearing what they will do next. 

Make sure you check out ‘Pieces’ from the link below. We are sure NOPRISM will have you reaching for the repeat button.

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