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NYIKO – ‘Call The Boys’

Los Angeles-based artist NYIKO is back with his awesome dream-pop single ‘Call The Boys’. It is a must-hear release this summer 2020!

A textured and warm opening greets the listener. NYIKO’s voice is thoroughly engaging and is reminiscent of Morrissey. The dream quality shines through, and a cinematic feel is achieved. We love the bridge and chorus, which are memorable and stay with the listener long after the music has ended. 

We enjoyed the mix, production and master of the single. Each of the varied instrumentation has its own space in the mix. The snare stands out in the backing instrumentation, it is punchy and attention-grabbing. At the same time, the bass is melodic and driving in nature. NYIKO knows the secret ingredients to turn a good song into a great song!

NYIKO says about the release, “I wanted to take a hard look at the outdated notions of manhood in American society and how they negatively impact everyone. It was important for me to reflect on my own blind spots and to help redefine manliness for young men.”

‘Call The Boys’ also features Niles Gregory on guitar and Vagabon touring bassist, Maggie Toth. Together, the team have created a piece of art that will stand the test of time. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Released officially today, Friday 4th September via Trailing Twelve, 100% of the Bandcamp digital proceeds will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters, LA. We thoroughly recommend supporting this excellent release. 

NYIKO is an inspiring artist who is continually pushing forward. In addition, they have released synth-pop, new wave, post-punk, and hip-hop projects with Disney, Amazon, Sony/ATV, Heard Well, Trailing Twelve, and more. We look forward to hearing what will come next! 

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