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biplcbenjjoebmhaBased in Boston, Major Moment are a four piece Rock Band who’ll release their cleverly named EP, ‘one small stEP’ on 7th September 2018. We have been lucking enough to hear it before its release and we can tell you, you are in for a treat!

‘one small stEP’ opens with atmospheric crackles, familiar but discombobulated synths and warming but faint strings. It is an intro with a purpose: to set the scene for what is to come. The intro beautifully runs into the first track, ‘Before It’s Too Late’. This is where the full magic of Major Moment begins to happen. The Rock genre is palpable from the very beginning. There are bright, punchy drums, guitars laden with delicious delay and rising character building synths. Lyrically this track is relatable with ones which have stayed with us for the day. Lyrics like, “We die before we are born” is poetry which we found brilliantly thought provoking.  There is a minor key feel on the bridge and and the key changes on the chorus. The big guitar solo in the final third is hard hitting and what every music lover is waiting to hear. It demonstrates skill and talent which is evident in abundance throughout this EP. 

Each track runs into the next one which makes it feel cohesive and coherent as a piece. ‘Mistakes’ has a snappy production which sounds roomy. This is no mean feat with the amount of work and instrumentation going on. Nothing sounds squashed or muffled, there is always enough space for each instrument to shine. ‘What it’s Like’ has building, anticipating guitars enhanced by theme riffs which familiarly reoccur. ‘How Would You Know’ is a more laid back and relaxed offering. Lyrically, it is a song asking for help, relatable as we all need that sometimes.

The final track ‘Release’ is an extremely well constructed song and it takes the listener on a journey. A gentle piano opening is followed by rattling, loose high hats which we have not heard before and also, the track flows melodically. Towards the end the piano chords become dissonant and unsettling. The EP ends on a forbidding note, it is very different to what we have previously heard which is a nice juxtaposition and leaves you wondering, what will their next release sound like?

‘one small stEP’ gives the listener a full taste of what Major Moment are about. True musicians who love what they do. It takes you on a journey of heartfelt lyrics, musical masterpieces and glorious guitar solos. Make sure you put 7th September in your diaries, this EP is not to be missed!

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