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Ooberfuse & Hibari
Ooberfuse & Hibari

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Ooberfuse & Hibari – ‘Enola Gay’

London band Ooberfuse joins forces with Japanese legendary musician Hibari on their latest single, ‘Enola Gay’. It is a masterpiece synth-pop classic with a sobering message at its core.

A spoken word sample opens the release; luscious synths and a rhythmic beat underpin it. We adore the first main vocals, which are filled with emotion and demand the listener’s attention. 

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Stunning rap vocals also appear, they are delivered with passion and integrity. There is also a hard-hitting and profoundly moving video which is available to view below. 

75th Anniversary of Hiroshima.

‘Enola Gay’ release is to coincide with the 75th Anniversary of Hiroshima. The artists say about the single’s message,”(‘Enola Gay’ is) to expose the hollow rhetoric of peace and justice, rhetoric used like a band-aid to cover the truth and reality of what happened on that day 75 years ago.”

Artist Hibari says about the release, “We learned about these pictures and videos in school when we were children. Everyone should know the tragic pictures of war. Some say the atomic bombing was necessary to end the war. They try to say ‘People who die from the atomic bomb were needed for the current peace.’ My song is not what people want to hear … it challenges the myth that Hiroshima needed to happen in order to spread peace throughout the world.” 

We absolutely adore the ‘Enola Gay’ single. Ooberfuse & Hibari are innovating 80’s synth music in 2020. They are able to convey emotion and connect with the listener, and this is a big part of their charm. 

We very much hope that these superb artists collaborate again in the future. ‘Enola Gay’ is music with a message and needs to be heard. 

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We advise exercising caution – video not suitable for younger viewers.

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