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Peachkit – ‘Spatial Awareness’

Hailing from London, Peachkit is an innovating talent. Her latest single ‘Spatial Awareness’ is a must-hear release this November 2020. 

‘Spatial Awareness’ instantly captivates the listener’s attention. We adore the layered vocals which immediately inject their unique colour into the track. The layered backing instrumentation is innovative and creates texture within the piece too. 

Lyrically, ‘Spatial Awareness’ is relatable, and this is a big part of Peachkit’s appeal. Meaningful lyrics are set to catchy melodies and a fantastic beat. One thing is for sure; peachkit is writing music that needs to be heard. 

Peachkit describes herself as a songwriter with a producers heart. This comes through on ‘Spatial Awareness’. The mix, production and master of the song is superb, and every part of the detailed instrumentation has its own space in the mix. There are warmth and depth to the production, which enhances the release further. 

EP – ‘Overlooked’

Taken from the EP ‘Overlooked’ there are many other stand out tracks to be found. We particularly enjoyed, ‘Love To Hate’ which is instantly enticing. It has a staccato nature which fills the piece with texture. ‘Heartstrings’ is another classic in the making. It features a wonderful beat and intoxicating melodies. 

Interestingly, Peachkit has taken a Banksy approach to releasing music. She says she is faceless and will continue to be. This allows the audience to focus on the music rather than the distractions that can follow an artist.

We can not recommend ‘Spatial Awareness’ highly enough. Released officially today, 12th November 2020, it is a single which is available now. Peachkit is an artist who is making waves in 2020, and we can not wait to hear what will come next. Until then, ‘Spatial Awareness’ is available from the link below. Enjoy!

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