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Peggy James

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Peggy James – ‘Guardian Angel’

An FV Music Blog favourite artist is back! Peggy James has released her wonderful latest single ‘Guardian Angel’, today, 15th January 2021. It is an Americana release that needs to be heard!

An enticing opening greets the listener. Palm-muted electric guitars fill the sonic spectrum before Peggy James’s soulful vocals enter and masterfully take the song’s reigns. 

There is a soulful quality to James’s vocal performance which engages the listener. As the single progresses, the backing instrumentation provides the perfect support to drive the single along. 

We adore the chorus, which is memorable and stays with the audience long after the music has ended. In addition, the instrumental break injects fresh colours into the piece, which leads back into the familiar and welcomed chorus. ‘Guardian Angel’ has been composed and arranged superbly, making for an addictive song!

Peggy James says that ‘Guardian Angel aims, “to shed light during our darkest and coldest of times.” It certainly does that. It is a single which we all need to hear, especially with times as they are currently. Peggy James reaches out and touches her audience with this latest release. She is simply an incredible artist. 


Based in Milwaukee, Peggy James is a musician who is continually driving forward and releasing exciting new music. We are really excited to see that James plans further single releases in 2021 culminating in a full album, released by the end of the year. 

After hearing ‘Guardian Angel’, we eagerly anticipate the full album release. Released on Happy Growl Records, this is a country-rocks single at its best!

Make sure you check out ‘Guardian Angel’ from the link below. We also recommend listening to Peggy James’s rapidly growing back catalogue too!

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