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Pennan Brae - 'Wiggle'
Pennan Brae – ‘Wiggle’

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Pennan Brae – ‘Wiggle’

One of our favourite artists is back! Vancouver-based musician Pennan Brae has released the excellent single ‘Wiggle’, in September 2020. 

A full and captivating band sound opens the release. Pennan Brae’s smooth vocals are apparent from the get-go. The chorus is thoroughly engaging and drives the single along. In addition, the staccato nature in the verses adds texture and colour to the piece. 

We love the memorable and engaging lyrics that accompany the release. Also, the guitar solo takes the single in a new direction but keeps the intensity up and seamlessly connects to a recognisable chorus. 

Pennan Brae is an artist who knows how to capture an audience and hold their attention effortlessly. We have added this excellent single to our FVMusicBlog playlist, listen here.

Pennan Brae is an artist who is continually releasing excellent music. ‘Wiggle’ is the lead single from Brae’s latest album ‘2 Below 0’. The album also accompanies the a same-titled film, which Pennan Brae wrote, scored & acted in. The film has received a number of awards at film festivals on the 2020 film festival circuit.

Blue Light Studio

‘Wiggle’ has been superbly recorded by Blue Light Studio in Vancouver and Brae comments that it is influenced by classic rock & roll of the 1970s & 80s. That infectious vibe comes through, and we can not wait to check out the full album. 

We were also lucky enough to catch up with Pennan Brae for a full interview following the release. It is available to read here.

It’s brilliant to see this extraordinary musician back in action. He is a stunning talent and we eagerly wait to see what will come next! Make sure to add ‘Wiggle’ to your weekday playlist this week!

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