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Pete Cautious

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Pete Cautious – ‘Florida Man’

Pete Cautious is a Chicago-based musician who has released the excellent indie-rock album ‘Florida Man’ in October 2020. 

‘Just Another Love Song’ opens the release to a relaxed electric guitar. We love the bass and drums that lay the solid foundation for the stoic vocals to enter. The chordal progression is brilliant and sets the song alight. 

We enjoyed the title track ‘Florida Man’, the melodic bass and dancing high hats inject their unique colour into the piece. ‘First Time’ features gorgeous, heartfelt vocals and beautiful synths. Again, the chordal progressions are unpredictable and this adds a further layer of intrigue into the piece.

‘Here in MY Car’ sees a shift in feel. The melodies are still intoxicating and leave the listener reaching for the repeat button. ‘Some Other Lifetime’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more. 


Pete Cautious says about the album, “‘Florida Man’ follows the patron saint of *#!%ing up through stories of addiction, gambling, prostitution, and all while smiling.” 

He continues, “Put on some headphones and let ‘Florida Man’ take hold.” We could not agree more. ‘Florida Man’ shines in its best light when played loud and proud. Reach for those headphones, turn up the volume and take a break, let Pete Cautious take you on a journey! 

So make sure you add ‘Florida Man’ to your weekday playlist. It is a full album release that needs to be heard. Each of the eight tracks has its own charm and character, and we are sure that the 2020s are going to be a big decade for this superb artist. 

We very much look forward to hearing what Pete Cautious will do next. He is an exciting talent who needs to be heard. ‘Florida Man’ is available from the link below. 

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