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Piksel – ‘Places’

‘Places’ is the latest superb album by London based producer, sound designer, and composer, Piksel. The album is a soundtrack to a multimedia performance fusing animation, contemporary dance, and electronic music.

‘Walk In’ opens the album and it has a dark and mysterious vibe to it. A swirling feeling emerges and deep dark synths breakthrough. The piece is dramatic and engaging throughout.

We adored the song ‘Breathing’ for it feels like a new day awakening after the dark tracks which proceed it. Beautiful strings can be heard exhaling long and impactful notes. The lead is taken by different instruments as the song evolves too. ‘She Ghetto’ has a clock sound in its opening with intense strings and fleeting vocals. Syncopated snare hits and disorientating hits also feature.

We really enjoyed how the end of each track features in the opening of the next track. This gives a continuous feel to the album, each song is not an ending but a bridge to link the pieces together. ‘Places’ has been cleverly composed and arranged by Piksel, she excels at linking unique and innovative pieces together. There are also nature sounds that underpin the music throughout, rain, wind, and waves all feature and add colour and texture to the pieces, blissful.

Piksel (aka Ieva Vaiti) says, “(The album is,) Aimed towards the exploration of conflicts one must face migrating to an unknown space – physically or mentally,” She continues, “(It is) heavily reliant on personal experiences as a reflection with a wide range of intensities.”

Composed through personal experiences, ‘Places’ is one component of a triad of mediums. Music by Piksel, projected animations by Amy Dang, and dance by Magnus Westwell. It is a beautiful piece of art and we recommend checking the music out from the link below.

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