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Pulpo – ‘Cachita’

New York-based artist Pulpo has released the stunning single ‘Cachita’ in February 2022. It is an instrumental release with a big heart.

‘Cachita’ opens to a Latin style piano and band. It is filled with jazz affectations, instantly demanding the listener’s attention. Immediately it is clear what a remarkable musician Pulpo is. His phrasing and touch are sublime as his fingers dance around the keys.

As the track evolves, the single takes the listener on unexpected twists and turns, making the piece fresh and exciting. We love the main hooks as they unveil themselves. They are memorable, and they stay with the listener after the music has ended. ‘Cachita’ is simply magical.


Pulpo says about his music, “What stuck with me most was that with the piano, you have the whole orchestra in front of you. And if you played it right, you could literally play it by yourself and actually be saying something.”

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In 1975, Pulpo received his big break into the industry when he was approached by FANIA All-Star vocalist, Hector Lavoe, to be his pianist and musical director.

Pulpo’s significant career exploded from there, and he has since been credited for playing with all three of the ‘Big 3’; The Tito Puente Orchestra, The Tito Rodriguez Orchestra, and the Machito Orchestra.

Intelligent Composer

Pulpo is a talented musician who is destined to make significant waves with this latest release. His intelligent composition and arrangement talents set him apart from the crowd, and we are thrilled to have discovered ‘Cachita’.

So make sure that you add ‘Cachita’ to your playlist this weekend. Pulpo is an artist who is on top of his game, and we eagerly anticipate what he will do next.

Until then, ‘Cachita’ is available to stream from the link below today. Enjoy!

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