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Punty is primarily a Grunge artist from Austin, Texas. His latest release ‘Syrup’ is a heartbreakingly honest song about depression, anxiety, and cutting.

There is a short synth opening, before the luscious guitars, drums and bass kick in. A laid back grunge groove is quickly established with an ascending and descending riff taking the centre stage. The riff will soon become instantly recognisable to the listener and it is filled with melodic charm and character.

The vocals have been double-tracked, which adds weight to them. They take the limelight and guide the song along with courage and a stoic integrity. There are beautiful harmonies on the chorus and a wonderful Nivarna influence can be felt throughout the song.

‘Syrup’ is a real song and it is the perfect medicine to the XFactor generation we currently live in. There are so much texture and warmth within the song. This is a welcomed juxtaposition to the honest lyrics with such sad subject matter at their core. Punty is able to make the listener feel less alone and fully connected with him throughout the track.

‘Syrup’s lyrics have been taken from poems from Punty’s journal. He has the natural ability to convey emotions through brutal subject matter yet still maintain a genuinely honest heart. He says of ‘Syrup’, “It’s a little bit grim and cynical, but these are my real thoughts from a poem I wrote after one of my best friends died in a car accident.” This raw honesty is what we found so compelling in Punty’s songwriting. There are no bells and whistles, just honest and raw emotions.

‘Syrup’ was officially released on 23rd August 2019 and it is available to stream from the link below. We will be watching to see what comes next from such a talented musician.

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