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Quinny – ‘Christmas Gear’

The thoroughly charming musician Quinny is back with his alternative Christmas song, ‘Christmas Gear’. Accompanied by a video that stars Richard Wilson (One Foot in the Grave), both the music and visuals are compelling and enthralling from the get-go. 

An electric guitar opens the single strumming various chords. Changes from major to sevenths, back to major to minor, it reminds us of the Stereophonics. Quinny’s characterful vocals enter and immediately captivate the listener. The usual Christmas instruments appear, a tambourine, bells and piano, and all enhance the Christmas feel.

‘Christmas Gear’ was produced by Catholic Action’s Chris McCrory, engineered by HMLTD’s Seth Evans and features bass and vocals from Marie Collins of The Vegan Leather. Together, they have all come together to release a festive song with a message.

Quinny says, “(The song) describes the life of someone in a desperate hole that they can’t get out of, forced into selling their own possessions and knock off tracksuits in order to make ends meet. A symptom of societies failing structure.” This seems even more apt with the political landscape we found ourselves in this morning following the December general election.

The video that accompanies ‘Christmas Gear’ is directed by filmmaker Joseph Lynn (Swansong/Grin). It follows a disillusioned Santa Claus (played by Richard Wilson) and his sidekick (Martin Quinn) as they muddle through a lonely festive period, despite being surrounded by celebration. This is a reality for many at this time of year. Cutting through the singalong melody are these very real issues. Quinny addresses them humanly with compassion and care. 

Make sure you check out this alternative Christmas song. If you or anyone you know needs a bit of help this Christmas, check out these two fantastic organisations: https://www.campaigntoendloneliness.org or https://www.ageuk.org.uk/get-involved/no-one/

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