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Rachel Gleddie
Rachel Gleddie

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Rachel Gleddie – ‘Silhouette’

An FV Music Blog favourite is back! Rachel Gleddie has released the brilliant EP ‘Silhouette’, in September 2020. 

‘Stay’ opens the release, and it is instantly attention grabbing. We love ‘Shallow’, the layered guitars are filled with texture. Also, the unexpected chordal progression is intriguing and keeps the listener on their toes.

We adore the title track. Layered and colourful vocals open the song, and they are instantly attention-grabbing. Gleddie’s wonderful vocals enter and masterfully guide the track along. We love the heart and soul she puts into her vocal performance. She effortlessly conveys emotion to the audience. We adore the chorus. It is intoxicating and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. In addition, the guitar solo is moving and adds a new dimension to an already intriguing piece.

‘Catacomb’ features a beautifully played guitar and is an engaging listen. Finally, ‘Be Alright’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more!

‘Silhouette’ features stunning arrangements, and the songs evolve before the listener. We have added the title track ‘Silhouette’ to our FV Music Playlist. Check it out here

Gleddie says about the release, “‘Silhouette’ is about the heartbreak that comes with loving and losing someone. It’s about learning how to let go, even when it seems impossible.” She continues, “The lush blend of vocal harmony, mixed with sorrowful pedal steel and other emotional instrumental textures reflect the bittersweet nature of the lyrics, making it a song that a wide variety of listeners will connect to instantly.”

Velveteen Studios

Rachel Gleddie has worked with Velveteen Studios in Edmonton Alberta on the release. It has been masterfully produced by Bradley Simons, Brandon Unis, and Brad Smith. We are big fans of Gleddie’s production as it lets the songs shine in the light in which they were written. 

Once again, we have been blown away by Rachel Gleddie. She is a formidable artist who is just getting started. Make sure you add ‘Silhouette’ to your weekend playlist.

We are big Rachel Gleddie fans, and we are sure we will not be the only ones with this dazzling latest EP. Check it out from the link below. 

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