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Hailing from St Paul, MN, Radio Drive’s latest album ‘In The Light’ is destined to be your go-to album this October. Officially Released on 12th August 2019, ‘In The Light’ is a beautiful and charming piece of art. 

‘First Time’ is the opening track. It is upbeat and joyous and is a wonderful beginning to the album. A solo electric guitar can first be heard, it is quickly accompanied by bass, drums, and electrifying vocals. 

Stand out tracks are ‘Come With Me’, it has a mysterious synth opening quickly followed by beautiful guitar riffs, defiant drums, and infectious claps. We loved the double-tracked electric guitars on the song ‘Life, and the tempo is ever-evolving and changing. ‘What Went Wrong’ hears a piano playing chords, marvelous strings and is overall a thought-provoking and compelling song. 

Citing their inspiration as The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, U2, REM, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Queen, Coldplay, and One Republic, Radio Drive take these influences and make a sound which is unique to them. ‘In The Light’ has been wonderfully produced and mastered too. It is a perfect representation of the band’s work and it is a great introduction for new listeners to this need-to-hear band! 

Comprised of members Kevin Gullickson, Patrick Spott, Wesley Henderson, and Joe Maffei Radio Drive are a band who are ever-evolving, pushing boundaries and innovating their sound. They are all excellent musicians in their own right and something special happens when this 5 piece play together. They have an impressive back-catalog to their name and ‘In The Light’ is a stunning chapter in the bands’ history. 

Make sure you check out ‘In The Light’ today, it is music to feed the soul! 

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