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RedrumSociety - Eddie Beiler
RedrumSociety – Eddie Beiler

RedrumSociety – ‘Street Fights’

‘Street Fights’ is the superb EP from Boca Raton-based band RedrumSociety. It is an enthralling six-track release that is a masterclass in indie-rock.

‘T Money Green Strikes Again’ opens the release, and it is a 20-second introduction that sets the scene as to what is to come. The title track ‘Street Fights’ is a compelling and addictive song with intriguing chordal progressions and charismatic vocals.

‘Look Out’ is a standout track. It features a compelling groove and memorable melodies. In addition, the raw backing instrumentation creates texture within the piece and vivid colour too.

Furthermore, ‘With My One and Only’ takes the EP in a new direction with relatable lyrics and excellent layered vocals. ‘Street Fights’ is an EP that will have you reaching for the repeat button.


Initially, RedrumSociety was founded in 2008 by four newly made friends – Esperanzo Wilcox, Esdras Reymond, Zach Cohen, and Dylan Lerner. Tragically, Dylan passed away at the age of 17, and band member Zach Cohen carried on the RedrumSociety name and tradition.

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Cohen has done the original band proud with this superb EP. It is a great release that sets RedrumSociety as a band who are a leading light in their genre. We have been blown away by this release and can not wait to hear what will come next. ‘Street Fights’ was initially released in 2020, so we are hopeful for a new EP soon!


Cohen wanted to embody the spirit of the original lineup. He says about the music, “That spirit is an in your face, against the grain attitude. It is music that talks about what we all think but don’t say.”

So make sure that you add ‘Street Fights’ to your playlist this week. It is a brilliant EP that needs to be heard to be appreciated.

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