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REDSIX - 'Vessel' - FV Music Blog
REDSIX – ‘Vessel’ – FV Music Blog

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REDSIX – ‘Vessel’

Jakarta based band REDSIX released their brilliant latest single, ‘Vessel’ on Valentines Day 2020. It is an enthralling song that needs to be heard!

An ominous opening greets the listener. Warming keys breakthrough and they set the piece a light. The rich vocals penetrate the song, and the scene is ready for REDSIX’s intoxicating sound to present itself. We love the big chorus which has an anthem feel to it and will have you reaching for the repeat button.

We adored the mix, master and production of this brilliant single. The drums are punchy and driving. Aided by dynamic guitars, this single is thoroughly addictive. Every part of the detailed instrumentation has its own space in the mix and room to shine. The result: a polished and radio-ready song. 

REDSIX - 'Vessel' - FV Music Blog
REDSIX – ‘Vessel’ – FV Music Blog

Video – ‘Vessel’

There is also a brilliant accompanying video to match the release. The video tells a story and offers another visceral layer for REDSIX fans to enjoy. We are sure that ‘Vessel’ will be a hit with existing REDSIX fans while winning them an army of new ones, from around the world too.

‘Vessel’ is the third release from REDSIX’s latest EP. Previously, the band have released their debut album ‘Uproar’ in 2018. The band say, “REDSIX hopes to contribute and to support the strong and continuously growing indie community here in Indonesia.” We very much hope so too.


REDSIX are comprised of Denny (vocals), Kevin (lead guitar), Wicak (rhythm guitar), Risma (drums) and Ipang filling in for bass. They are excellent musicians who when they play together, magic happens. 

REDSIX are an exciting band with a bright future. Make sure you check out ‘Vessel’ today. We very much look forward to hearing what they will do next!

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