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Regina Fae
Regina Fae

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Regina Fae – ‘Song For The Broken Hearts’

Hailing from Hampshire, musician Regina Fae has released her excellent folk-pop single, ‘Song For The Broken Hearts’ in July 2020. 

Gorgeous strings open the release. Fae’s warm and inviting vocals enter and gracefully guide the song along. We enjoyed the driving acoustic guitar and warm percussion that engulfs the soundscape.

Lyrically, ‘Song For The Broken Hearts’ is extremely relatable, and this is a big part of Regina Fae’s charm. She connects with her audience and makes us feel united together. 

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‘Song For The Broken Hearts’ is the third release from Fae’s series of releases taken from ‘This Is What Poets Write About’; a series of four songs exploring the stages of heartbreak. We can not wait to check out the first two instalments!

Fae says about the release, “When writing a song, my motto has always been ‘Never write about anything that doesn’t light a fire in your heart’. All my songs are written about things I have some personal connection with. Most of these are written about things that have happened to me, woven into stories and landscapes born out of my imagination.”


Citing her influences as Suzanne Vega, Taylor Swift and Hozier, we can hear these influences coming through on ‘Song For The Broken Hearts’ but make no mistake, Regina Fae is making music all of her own. 

In addition, Fae is currently studying towards an MA in Medieval Studies at the Royal Holloway University of London. She grew up playing the violin and has synthesia; she associates music and emotions with colour. Regina Fae is an excellent musician who is destined for big things. 

So make sure you add ‘Song For The Broken Hearts’ to your weekday playlist. Regina Fae is a brilliant and exciting artist, and we look forward to hearing what she will do next! 

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