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bkjnhdbnjcbljece‘Fly Away (Anything Is Possible)’ is the brand new release from the talented band, ReLove. Taken from their ‘Music on a Mission!’ EP, ‘Fly Away (Anything Is Possible)’ is a fun and upbeat song from the beginning to the end.

The track opens in the fun way it will continue. We hear the sound of snoring quickly followed by a lively kick drum which will prove to be the heartbeat of the song. We hear keyboards which are staccato in nature, they add texture to the piece and new layers of interest for the listener.

The vocals are at the forefront of the mix and they are the shining star of the piece. There are gorgeous harmonies to be enjoyed and the addition of the female vocals lift the piece further. They have been mixed to one side of the mix which evens out the sound and gives each instrument space to be enjoyed.

We adored the arrangement of the song. There is stripped back instrumentation on the verses which give the choruses weight and impact. An acoustic guitar is added on the bridge and there is an addition of horns too, both are a welcome and unexpected addition. These little surprises keep the listener on their toes. Brilliant.

By the double chorus at the end of the song, the melody will be firmly stuck in your head in the most welcome way. The song ends on a clock sound, again, a nod to the fun nature of the track.

We can see this song resonating well with kids. Its upbeat and jolly nature is perfect to grab kids attention and imagination. ‘Fly Away (Anything Is Possible)’ would be perfectly suited to placement in a kids film or TV.  It also feels like it could fit into a musical extremely well. It offers a positive message and a catchy hook which is much needed in society as it is today. So put some sparkle in your weekend and check out ‘Fly Away (Anything Is Possible)’ today!

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