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Renee Stahl

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Renee Stahl – ‘Every Tear Is A Prayer’

‘Every Tear Is A Prayer’ is the stunning indie-pop release by musician Renee Stahl. It is a wonderfully intimate song which needs to be heard to be fully appreciated.  

A textured and varied opening greets the listener. It is instantly enticing and catches the audience’s ear. Renee Stahl has a rich, warm and welcoming voice which injects a luscious colour into the sonic landscape. 

We adore the addition of a gentle piano which paves the way for the textured beat to drop. Every part of the layered instrumentation has its own space in the mix, and a harmonious balance has been achieved. ‘Every Tear Is A Prayer’ is a song that needs to be heard this February 2021.

Stahl cared for her father in her own home for the final three months of his life. She says, “The song captures both the heart-wrenching, intense emotion and the celebration of life and love, that comes from such an intimate and challenging situation.” It is a deeply moving and emotional song that will resonate with many people.

Rich Jacques

Renee Stahl has co-written ‘Every Tear Is A Prayer’ with Rich Jacques. Together, the duo has crafted a single which is profoundly relatable and filled with soul. We very much hope that there are further collaborations to come from the duo in the future. 

We are so thrilled to have discovered this talented artist. Renee Stahl has the ability to connect to her audience and allows the listener to feel less alone together. 

We can not recommend ‘Every Tear Is A Prayer’ highly enough. It is a single with a big heart. We very much look forward to hearing what Renee Stahl will do next!

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