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Alex VanTrue
Alex VanTrue

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‘Replay’ – James Fairchild/Alex VanTrue

‘Replay’ is the superb single by songwriter James Fairchild. It is a driving rock song which features vocals from Portugal based artist Alex VanTrue.

An atmospheric and engaging opening greets the listener. Heartfelt lyrics and enticing melodies fill the sonic spectrum and demand the listener’s attention. 

Alex VanTrue’s moving, and emotional vocal performance is spellbinding. He takes an already touching piece and injects his heart and soul into it. We adore the backing instrumentation, which is varied and layered. The guitars and full band have their own space in the mix.

James Fairchild is a compelling writer who has achieved greatness with ‘Replay’. The brutal honesty and raw lyrics in the piece are moving to the listener. 

‘Replay’ is a song about love, loss and regret. For the full description of the story behind the song, James Fairchild eloquently writes it here.

Fairchild Comments

Fairchild says about the release, “One summer day in July I started to write, I guess to find some sort of closure. I didn’t know ‘Replay’ would turn into such an emotional experience.” We believe that ‘Replay’ will resonate with many people, and this is a big part of James Fairchild’s appeal. 

Vocalist Alex VanTrue is a singer, musician and producer who is currently the leader of Europe’s top tribute band: One Vision – A Queen Tribute. Together, the duo have created a piece of art with ‘Replay’, it will stand the test of time.

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We are so excited to have discovered this exciting single and very much look forward to hearing another collaboration between James Fairchild and Alex VanTrue.

Until them, make sure you check out ‘Replay’ from the link below. It is a must-hear song this summer 2020!

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