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ReveLever- ‘Where To?’

ReveLever (AKA Randy Lever) is an artist and producer hailing from The Netherlands. His latest album ‘Where To?’, hears him collaborate with the divine vocalist Shannon Maree and was released in February 2020.

‘So Wrong’ opens the release, and the addictive upbeat grooves are evident from the get-go. Maree’s vocals are compelling and filled with emotion. The layered synths provide interest and intrigue, adding their unique colour and texture. There is also a message in the lyrics; they speak of the environment and a need for change. Lyrics such as “What are we waiting for? The world is dying.” Show ReveLever is using his platform to highlight world issues. 

‘Take Me’ is a stunning song. It has an upbeat feel, and from the first few notes with synths darting from each side of the sonic spectrum, we knew we were going to love it! The composition and arrangement are intelligent, and Maree’s flawless vocals are filled with character and energy.  

We adored ‘Play With Fire’, it has a driving beat and unusual melody. ReveLever says of the song, “Opening with a dark and propulsive rhythm; its moody synths provide the perfect backdrop for Shannon Maree’s otherworldly vocal performance.” We love its textures and layered vocals. The melodies are catchy, and we found ourselves still humming it long after the music had ended!

ReveLever describes ‘Where To?’ as, “An electronic and symphonic exploration of endless musical possibilities.” He blends 80’s pop, and edgy new wave sounds to create a truly unique musical experience. 

So make sure you add ‘Where To?’ to your weekend playlist. It is a thoroughly engaging album that is destined to please existing ReveLever fans and win him an army of new ones too!

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