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Shayla Merlot

‘Loving’ Single

Shayla Merlot is an indie-rock, singer-songwriter & guitarist based in Philadelphia. Merlot is releasing her latest offering ‘Loving’ on 6th October 2017 via her soundcloud page.

‘Loving’ is an enticing and catchy listen by Merlot. The track kicks off with a beat accompanied by varying sound effects which would not be out of place in a Game of Thrones episode. The mood changes as the song kicks in with a catchy, comfortable groove. This accompanies the warm and enchanting tones of Merlot’s voice. Her voice reminds me of Sade, relaxed yet powerful.

The pre chorus and the chorus are both hauntingly catchy, after a couple of listens I had the hook in my head all day.  The arrangement is simple but still fulfilling in its nature.

If ‘Loving’ is an indication of things to come from Merlot, we are in for a treat!

Released 6th October 2017

Soundcloud: Shayla Merlot

Facebook: Shayla Merlot/ @realshaymerlot

Instagram: realshaymerlot

Reviewed by FVreviews October 2017

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