NOVI – ‘Space Cadet’

NOVI - ‘Space Cadet’ NOVI are a female fronted band with a unique sound and undeniable passion. ‘Space Cadet’ is their latest offering, pop in nature and catchy in presence it is an amalgamation of different genres mixed perfectly to create a great pop tune. Main vocalist Mishell Ivon studied at Liverpool Institute of Performing … Continue reading NOVI – ‘Space Cadet’

Review – Shayla Merlot – ‘Loving’

Shayla Merlot ‘Loving’ Single Shayla Merlot is an indie-rock, singer-songwriter & guitarist based in Philadelphia. Merlot is releasing her latest offering ‘Loving’ on 6th October 2017 via her soundcloud page. ‘Loving’ is an enticing and catchy listen by Merlot. The track kicks off with a beat accompanied by varying sound effects which would not be … Continue reading Review – Shayla Merlot – ‘Loving’