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NOVI – ‘Space Cadet’

NOVI are a female fronted band with a unique sound and undeniable passion. ‘Space Cadet’ is their latest offering, pop in nature and catchy in presence it is an amalgamation of different genres mixed perfectly to create a great pop tune. Main vocalist Mishell Ivon studied at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and her performance is flawless.

The beginning of ‘Space Cadet’ reminds me of Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ heavily adorned with spiritual organs and Ivon’s lush vocals. It then leads to alliteration in the first verse ‘tapping on the table top’ drawing the listener in mesmerised.

‘Space cadet’ has many layers, the chorus has a reggae vibe, the bass is funky, the chorus is catchy, the distorted almost rock guitars in the break are then juxtaposed to the stripped down bridge offering texture and colour. They are all brilliant separate elements and are drawn together seamlessly to create a coherent piece, which is no mean feat.

The overall feel of the track reminds me of The Noisettes, fun yet meaningful. Production of the track is excellent and the artwork is clean, modern and eye catching. NOVI are a ray of sunshine in a world of mundane pop.

We’ll be watching in anticipation to see what this great band do next!

Reviewed by FVreviews November 2017

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