Rich Akoustic and ADMNT – ‘Hows Your Day, Bro?’ EP Out Now!

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Rich Akoustic and ADMNT

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Rich Akoustic and ADMNT – ‘Hows Your Day, Bro?’

‘Hows Your Day, Bro?’ is the brilliant latest collaboration between Rich Akoustic and ADMNT. It is an EP which transcends genre, and one which needs to be heard this January 2021. 

‘SUN UP PT.1’ opens the release. The beat is instantly intoxicating and demands the listener’s attention. Layered synths fill the sonic spectrum, weaving colour and texture as they go. 

‘AFTERNOON DRIFT’ is a stand out track. The gorgeous saxophone is set to a stunning backdrop of a driving beat, stoic piano and gorgeous synths. The arrangement is intelligent, and the complex piece effortlessly glides along. In addition, the main melody is catchy and feels like an old friend returning each time it comes back around. ‘SUN UP PT.2’ closes the release, bringing the EP full circle and leaves the listener wanting more!

The duo say about this excellent EP, “‘Hows Your Day, Bro?’ will chaperone you through five distinct segments of your day, from waking & commuting; to working and partying; to finally resting your weary head as the birds begin tweeting at sunrise.”


Rich Akoustic and ADMNT are both masters in their respective fields. Rich Akoustic is a South African-based electronic music producer and singer and ADMNT is a renowned producer and multi-instrumentalist. Together they have crafted an EP which is engaging and will stand the test of time. 

We are so excited to have heard this magnificent EP and very much look forward to further collaborations in the future. The duo compliments each other’s sound, and the result is an EP that is timeless and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

‘Hows Your Day, Bro?’ is now available to stream from the link below, enjoy!

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