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Rich Jacques
Rich Jacques

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Rich Jacques – ‘Joy Follows Like A Shadow That Never Leaves’

Hailing from Los Angeles, musician Rich Jacques is a multitalented artist whose latest album ‘Joy Follows Like A Shadow That Never Leaves’, is an indie-pop classic in the making.

‘Edge Of The Sun’ opens the release to a gorgeously picked acoustic guitar. A delicate piano underpins layered vocals. We adore the rise and fall in the piece which creates texture and colour. We have added this stunning track to our FV Music Blog playlist, check it out here.

‘Where Is Home’ is another excellent track. Hard-hitting lyrics accompany the gentle nature of the music. The song evolves with the listener and this makes for a thoroughly compelling piece.

We adored ‘Once You Love’, the layered vocals are intimate, and it feels as though Jacques is talking directly to the listener. ‘Joy Follows Like a Shadow That Never Leaves’ closes the release and left us wanting more. 

Rich Jacques says about the release, “The album is an arch of an experience from beginning to end. From riding on the surface of life to allowing the depths of a true experience.”

‘Joy Follows Like A Shadow That Never Leaves’ is an album that takes the listener on a journey. Rich Jacques shows you a glimpse into his world and takes you on a thrilling ride. 


Rich Jacques is also a music producer/songwriter; he has collaborated with artists such as Gold Kimono, Colin Hay, Glen Phillips, Maya Rudolph, and Peter Katz. 

His work with the Right The Stars has heard his music placed in major commercials such as Honda and XBOX, and in TV shows and major motion pictures like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘The Breakup’. In addition in 2017, Jacques won a Grammy for his collaboration with Lisa Loeb on her Album ‘Feel What U Feel.’

So make sure you add this magnificent release to your weekend listening. We are so pleased to have discovered this superb artist and very much look forward to hearing what will come next from him. 

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