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Rio Trio – ‘Footprints’

‘Footprints’ is the latest release by Austin based band, Rio Trio. Taken from their album, ‘Straight to the Top’, it is an intriguing instrumental that hits at the heart of its listeners. 

The high level of musicianship is evident from the get-go. Two acoustic guitars burst into the sonic spectrum and complement each other beautifully. One takes the chords while the other takes the lead with atmospheric backing adding texture in the backdrop.

A flute dances in and then takes the weight of the solo, guiding the piece in a new direction. Melodic and characterful it charms the listener instantly. The stoic guitars soon become the workhorses in the foundations of the piece and the instrumentation jams along beautifully. We love the main hook that we found to be catchy and memorable too. 

Rio Trio describes the album as, “(A) Creative and playful album of Brazilian Jazz and Jazz standards with Flute(s), Guitar, Percussion and Soprano Saxophone.” From this description, we feel ‘Footprints’ is an excellent example of the full album.

Seasoned musicians the trio are experienced and talented players. Guitarist Steve Haskin says about writing his first album ‘Boundary Waters’ in 1990, “I was inspired by the Northern Lakes and I wrote soft instrumental pieces for guitar, violin, flute and hand percussion that reflected this love of nature.” The fundamentals of that album can be heard in this release. The composition and arrangement of ‘Footprints’ are excellent and takes the listener on a real journey. 

So make sure you check out this exciting single and the full album this weekend. It is a song for all, and we are sure you will love it as much as we do! 

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