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Rio Trio – ‘Straight to the Top’

Austin based band, Rio Trio released their stunning album, ‘Straight to the Top’ in 2019. It is a ten-track album that is filled with dynamic and engaging songs from the get-go. 

We have previously reviewed the album’s opening song, ‘Footprints’ in January 2020. The article can be found here. Stand out tracks from the album include, ‘My Favourite Things’, ‘Look to the Sky’, and ‘Lucky Southern’. The arrangements are sublime. A harmonious flute appears throughout as do expertly played the guitars. Hauntingly beautiful melodies are juxtaposed happy and joyous ones, and the listener is taken on a journey. 

We loved the mix, master and production of the album. The songs shine in beautiful arrangements. There has been subtle uses of reverb throughout which sets the song alight and make the instruments fit together magically. 

Rio Trio describes the album as, “(A) Creative and playful album of Brazilian Jazz and Jazz standards with Flute(s), Guitar, Percussion and Soprano Saxophone.” This is an accurate description of ‘Straight to the Top’, but it is much more also! 

Guitarist Steve Haskin says about writing his first album ‘Boundary Waters’ in 1990, “I was inspired by the Northern Lakes and I wrote soft instrumental pieces for guitar, violin, flute and hand percussion that reflected this love of nature.” He has carried those early year fundamentals into this album and reinvented them for 2020. 

Thirty-eight minutes in length, ‘Straight to the Top’ needs to be heard as a continuous piece to be fully appreciated. We recommend setting forty minutes aside this weekend to listen to this release. It is music to feed the soul. 

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