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Ripley – ‘Electric Democracy’

We adore the latest single from the alternative pop artist, Ripley. It is catchy and authentic with captivating melodies from the get-go.

Filled with a disco feel, ‘Electric Democracy’ is a classic in the making. With dancing guitars, melodic bass and addictive beats, it is a single that is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button. For all the fun of the single, it carries a weighty message too.

Released a week before the UK’s general election, ‘Electric Democracy’ is a single that explores Britain’s divide in politics, the rise in xenophobia, fear of Brexit and a growing sense that many Britons feel unrepresented by today’s main political parties.

“So much British pop shies away from the crisis the United Kingdom is currently in,” says Ripley. ‘Electric Democracy’ holds a mirror to the country, to its politicians and calls for change. But it also places emphasis on the individual. We all need to take responsibility. We need to get up and vote if we’re to get the UK out of this awful Tory mess.” Amen Ripley, we could not agree more.

Ripley and Allan McIntyre have superbly written ‘Electric Democracy’. It was produced by Allan McIntyre and mastered by Wired Masters. Together the trio has sculpted a piece of art that has a message and a purpose. Everything has its own space in the mix. Set to catchy melodies, it is social commentary at its finest.

We are so pleased to have been introduced to Ripley’s music. We can not wait to see what this fine artist will do next and what a post-election UK will hold. Get to the polling booths UK residents on 12th December; a change needs to come.

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