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Ripley – ‘Fake News’

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The magnificent artist Ripley, is back with the superb single, ‘Fake News’. Released on the 10th April 2020, Ripley takes aim at Trump, Facetune and Murdoch in this compelling release.

An ear-catching sample opens the single. This is swiftly followed by an infectious riff and Ripley’s easily identifiable vocals. The layered vocals impact on its audience and the main rhythmic melody stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

There are elements of pop, drum and bass, and rap mixed into the single, and this mix of genres makes for a unique and complex listen. Ripley is an innovating artist who is using their significant platform to raise awareness of sociopolitical issues. 

“I was in a really angry place when I wrote ‘Fake News.’” Ripley continues, “I was annoyed with a lot of people and starting to feel like my friendships in London were artificial. I was getting sick of seeing photos that had been Facetune’d to death. And I was furious at the misinformation I was reading in the news.” This is evident in the passionate lyrics which we are sure many people can relate to.

‘Fake News’ has been written and produced by Ripley. Never one to beat around the bush, ‘Fake News’ is filled with at times shocking lyrics, making a political point and raising awareness. We have been lucky enough to work with Ripley previously. In December 2019, we covered the single, ‘Electric Democracy’ check it out here. Also, to read our recent insightful interview with Ripley, please check here.

‘Fake News’ is pop music with a strong message and a lions heart. Make sure you check out this enticing single from the link below. We can not wait to see what Ripley will do next!

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