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RJ Bacon

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RJ Bacon – ‘8 Bar Crawl’

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, musician RJ Bacon has released the excellent single ‘8 Bar Crawl’. It is an enthralling jazz-blues release which needs to be herd to be fully appreciated. 

A wonderful jazz feel emerges from the get-go. We adore the gentle drum beat and staccato guitar and piano which fill the sonic spectrum. The audience is teased with an enticing horn before the piano takes the lead in the piece. 

The layered and varied instrumentation work tirelessly and harmoniously together. In addition, the guitar solo is filled with colour and adds a fresh texture to the piece. 

‘8 Bar Crawl’ evolves before the listener. The audience is unsure how the track will play out but feel safe in RJ Bacon’s hands. It’s one thrill of a ride! 

Not just a talented musician, RJ Bacon is also a leading cinematographer. He has worked on classic dramas such as Brides of Christ, Police Rescue, Sea Patrol and Packed to the Rafters.


RJ Bacon released his debut album in 2018 entitled, ‘Cool Pool’. We are thrilled to see that ‘8 Bar Crawl’ is taken from the full album ‘Beyond the Perpendicular’ released on the 9th February 2021. We look forward to checking out the full release too!

In addition, RJ Bacon’s third album entitled ’33 Frames’ is due for release in September 2021, we can not wait!

One thing is for sure; RJ Bacon is a talented artist who needs to be heard this February 2021. His love of jazz shines through on ‘8 Bar Crawl’, and it is a single which is filled with heart and soul. 

Listen to ‘8 Bar Crawl’ from the link below! 

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