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Roderic H – ‘VIP’

Estonian electronic music producer Roderic H, is releasing his stunning latest single, ‘VIP’ on 28th January 2020.

Featuring Ellie Madison on vocals, ‘VIP’ is an energetic and catchy listen. Its driving rhythm and infectious beats strike at the heart of its listeners and captures their attention from the get-go.

A stunning piano opens the song with a riff that is intriguing and filled with texture. Madison’s vocals are smooth and enticing with passion and emotion in their performance. The use of reverb and heavy use of delay on the main vocals add colour to the piece. While the many layers of backing vocals give impact and weight within the song.

The drums and bass keep the song driving forward. We loved the catchy, dance feel that is a big part of ‘VIP’s charm. We also adored the chorus, it has a magnificent hook that is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button. Synths take the lead in the instrumental and offer a fresh turn for the song. The arrangement is brilliant and lets each of the elements shine in their own light.

Roderic H says about the release, “Its 123 bpm pop-dance song about fashion, glamour, success and being VIP. Make me famous, and I’ll show you how to be a VIP.”

A music producer and Keyboard player, Roderic H is a superb talent. Currently, he is also the keyboardist and music writer in Estonian pop-rock band ‘Maria Stuart’.

We are so excited to recommend this single. The pre-order link can be found here;

We can not wait to see what Roderic H will do next; he is an exciting artist who promises big things in the 2020s.

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