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Roi Bars
Roi Bars

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Roi Bars – ‘Good Day!’

San Diego-based artist Roi Bars has released the superb single ‘Good Day!’, in July 2020. It is an alternative-pop single that is making waves this summer.

Staccato synths open the release. It is an attention-grabbing opening that instantly entices the audience. We love the vocals; they are filled with energy and passion. 

The catchy nature of ‘Good Day!’ will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. We adore the chorus, which is filled with catchy melodies and an addictive groove. Lyrically, ‘Good Day!’ is relatable and will resonate with many people. 

Roi Bars say about the release, “This song is about taking the good things out of the bad situations in order to have a good day for the rest of your life. I think it was the right time to release the video due to all the things that are happening this 2020. The video is in fact after the apocalypse.”


‘Good Day!’ was recorded and produced by Roi Bars himself in his home studio. There is also a brilliant video which accompanies the release, he has teamed up with friends Ross, Salvador and Davante Wilborn to make the perfect visual accompaniment to a stunning song. It is a fun video which compliments the upbeat message in the music.

Previously, Roi Bars has had gigs at the Che Cafe, Til Two Club and in the Brokers Building Gallery. We very much recommend checking him out live once the pandemic has passed. 

So make sure you watch the video for ‘Good Day!’ from the player below, it is a single that needs to be heard! We are so excited to have discovered this exciting artist and very much look forward to hearing what will come next!

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