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Roma Rose

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Roma Rose – ‘How To Feel’

Scottish artist Roma Rose is a musician whose latest single ‘How To Feel’, is a folk-pop classic in the making. 

Roma Rose’s soulful and enigmatic vocals open the piece. They are gentle but instantly take charge of the single. In addition, a gorgeous piano underpins the vocals. The kick drum feels like the stoic heartbeat of the single, laying a solid foundation for the rest of the instrumentation to grow from. 

Lyrically ‘How To Feel’ is relatable to any new mum. There are honesty and integrity in the lyrics that will resonate with many new parents. This single has been superbly composed and arranged. A beautiful composition.  

Roma Rose says about the release, “‘How To Feel’ is the second single from the EP. ‘How To Feel’ is a response to life-changing moments that make us feel young, childlike and bereft of all the answers.” 

She continues, “Described as a ‘comforting anguish’ this song explores the universal feeling of anxiety when life overtakes you, and the strange solace of knowing so many feel the same when faced with life’s big moments. Love comes hand in hand with fear.”

All Female Team

In addition, ‘How To Feel’ was created by an all-female team. It has been co-written and produced by Jessica Sharman (Ward Thomas/Hannah Grace/Sarah Darling) and mixed by Isabel Gracefield (Tom Walker/Christine and The Queens). Together, the team have created a superb piece of art that puts Roma Rose on the artists to watch list for 2021. 

Roma Rose is an exciting and thrilling troubadour who we feel is just getting started. ‘How To Feel’ is a wonderful introduction to this magnificent artist, and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. 

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