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Romain Gutsy
Romain Gutsy

Romain Gutsy – ‘When Leonard Met Dolly’

Hailing from Paris, musician Romain Gutsy has released the superb Americana album ‘When Leonard Met Dolly’ in April 2022.

‘As Dylan Said’ opens the release to an atmospheric opening. We love the charismatic vocal performance and gorgeous guitar work. The backing instrumentation grows as the song evolves before the listener.

‘I’m a Married Man’ is a standout song; we adore the well-arranged horns and backing instrumentation. Lyrically, there is a cheeky nature to the song that captivates the audience.

In addition, ‘She Is Dolly’ has a catchy melody that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. Finally, ‘If You See Her’ is a laid back track that will have the audience reaching for the repeat button.

Previous Release

In 2020, Gutsy released the solo album under the name of THE RED, ‘Whatever Says the Clock’. It features songs composed of lyrics made from classical American and Irish poetry. After hearing ‘When Leonard Met Dolly’, we can not wait to check out this past release too!


Previously, Gutsy has worked with French bands such as Les Affamés and Daffy Plays Mandola. He has also played with the Grammy award winner alt-Rock band Soul Asylum and American singer Calvin Russel.

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Romain Gutsy has been a working musician since the 90s. His varied musical career has led him to this release, ‘When Leonard Met Dolly’, and it is a body of work that has been intelligently arranged, composed and executed.


‘When Leonard Met Dolly’ is precisely why we hope the album never dies. It is a complete piece of art that works best as a whole, and it is a release that takes the listener on an enthralling journey. You simply can not get these complexities from a 3minute single.

So make sure to add ‘When Leonard Met Dolly’ to your new music playlist this week; you will not be disappointed!

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