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ROOM 62 – ‘Building Castles’

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London based duo ROOM 62 have released their superb latest single ‘Building Castles’, on the 14th May 2020.

A heavy riff fuelled vibe greets the listener from the get-go. The infectious groove effortlessly captures the listener’s attention. We adored the passion-filled vocals. They are filled with character and charm, continuously guiding the track along. There is a wonderful rise and fall in the arrangement of the instrumentation. The texture which is created, bringing instruments in and out and also the panning from the separate sides of the sonic spectrum, is captivating.

We found the chorus to be memorable and again, it sees another unexpected twist, keeping the listener on their toes. Lyrically, ‘Building Castles’ is relatable, and the storytelling is entertaining. The skilful guitar solo has been well-executed, and it drives the song along. 

ROOM 62 say, “We’re not really a band but we see ourselves more as a songwriting collective, we sometimes ask our friends to contribute with playing parts, and we both write songs, not to make an album of sorts but to write the best song we can without the confines of style or genre.” They continue “(We) believe strongly that making music should not be confined by any boundaries or the restrictions of an image. It should be completely boundary-less and for listeners and fans, to be a complete listening experience to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. ‘Building Castles’ (is about) the conflict between love and hate.”

ROOM 62 are primarily comprised of band members, Nikiforos Antonatos, and Marc Ros. They are excellent songwriters who deserve to be heard. We thoroughly recommend checking out ‘Building Castles’ this weekend. We can not wait to hear what this formidable duo will do next. 

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