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Ruby Hive – ‘You Mix’

‘You Mix’ is the divine latest single by London based musicians, Ruby Hive. Their unique and compelling sound is set to make huge waves with this brilliant single. 

A solo electric guitar opens the release which is quickly accompanied by a second guitar. The two lay a solid foundation for the luscious vocals to spring from. The vocals are warm and inviting, soon becoming the conductor that guides the single along. 

Filled with dynamic melodies, ‘You Mix’ packs a big punch. The harmonies are stunning, and the addition of the horns are surprising and add an extra layer of texture to the piece. We adored the dancing high hats that pave the way for the drums to drop, at which point the luscious single is in full flow. The guitars feel like the stoic workhorses of the piece, driving the song along, creating texture and colour as they go.

Ruby Hive says, “‘You Mix’ – our colourful debut single; is a love story between the artist and the artwork, from the artworks perspective. That’s how we write; we try to find new stories to tell, about themes you might know by heart, but with a twist!” They continue “(Ruby Hive) was created as a reaction to the darkness and melancholy we saw in the music scene. Although we can very much appreciate sad songs, we have created an alternative, quirky sound, which we hope and think will rock peoples socks off!” Ruby Hive certainly do that. Their infectious and moving sound is unparalleled to anything we have heard of late and ‘You Mix’ is a classy representation of their music.

Released officially on 28th February 2020, ‘You Mix’ is out now! We thoroughly recommend adding it to your weekend playlist!

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