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Saints – ‘Principle Fighter’

South London based band Saints released their magnificent single, ‘Principle Fighter’ in January 2020 and it is a captivating track.

‘Principle Fighter’ is an epic 6minutes in length. A solo electric guitar opens the release and is soon followed by a rich bass. The driving drums then kick in and a second guitar riff leaves the track in full flow. We adore the punchy vocals with heartfelt lyrics and charming personality. The chorus is melodic and catchy, filled with heart and soul at its core. There are subtle guitar breaks, and percussion within the piece. These little touches add unique colour and texture to the single. 

The driving guitars are plentiful and interesting. Each part adds something new and exciting. There is a drive and excitement within the single which evolves as the song does. All of the instrumentation cuts away for the vocals and lyrics to shine before Saint’s edgy post-punk vibe comes back. 

Saints say, “‘Principle Fighter’ is a searing slice of Indie Punk chronicling our experience of London’s social inequality. The lyrics take the listener on a surreal tour of the city, from the riches of overly privileged students and West-End oligarchs, down to mud dwelling submarines in the Thames and bedraggled foxes in the south.” They continue, “Musically, the song starts with a simple, haunting guitar line, evolving into a paranoid stop-start verse and knife-edge guitar riff into a soaring outro.”

Saints are comprised of band members; Chris Mason – frontman, Louis Woodward – lead guitarist, and Pitt Vitheethum – drummer. Together they intuitively gel to make music that will have you reaching for the repeat button!

One thing is certain in these uncertain times; Saints are a supremely talented and unique band. They are masters of their craft, and we can not wait to see what they will do next. 

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