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SAM & JAK – ‘Humble Vanity’

‘Humble Vanity’ is the latest single release from the delectable duo, Sam and Jak. Filled with luscious harmonies and inviting strings, ‘Humble Vanity’ is a song that is destined to win the pair new fans.

A guitar gently fades into the sonic landscape. Gorgeously picked, it sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. Sweet vocals begin and the two duet timelessly. The chorus is engaging and enigmatic with a driving melody. The harmonies are heavily present, and they add texture and depth to the piece. We found the middle eight showcases the vocal range in its performance and is quite simply divine.

Sam and Jak ask, “What’s the balance between self-love and being a narcissist?” ‘Humble Vanity’ is the answer. It is a song about loving yourself, not in a narcissistic way but in self-care and appreciation. Sam and Jak are using their significant platform to spread a message full of positivity and hope.

‘Humble Vanity’ was inspired by a friend of Sam’s who was going through a severe depression. Sam says, “I wanted to show my friend that it’s okay to love yourself and pump yourself up without seeming conceited. So this song is a love song of friendship and empowerment for my friend and anyone else going through something similar.”

There is also a wonderful cinematic video that accompanies the release. It creates another branch of a narrative throughout the song and offers further dimensions to the listener. A perfect accompaniment, the video enhances ‘Humble Vanity’ and elevates the listening experience further.

So make sure you check out this excellent release this weekend, it is an uplifting and joyous way to celebrate yourself.

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