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Samira Hills – ‘Liar’

Artist Samira Hills has released her latest single, ‘Liar’ and it is a thoroughly addictive listen! She is an artist with commitment, integrity and power. All of these qualities are on display on ‘Liar’.

A big rock sound emerges, mixed with 80’s synths that have been reinvented into a contemporary sound. A distorted electric guitar opens the song with atmospheric percussion and rich, warm bass. We liked the chorus, which has a catchy hook and engaging melody. The punchy drum sound is impactful and adds texture to the piece. We also liked the power chords in the guitar giving the piece weight and authority.

Hills’s vocals are filled with energy and character. They are layered and remind us of Hayley Williams (Paramore) in places. The lyrics are extremely direct hard-hitting at times. Hills says, “I wrote it about a friend who fell pregnant quite early on in her life. I was very inspired by her attitude and perseverance throughout her pregnancy. Her sh***y ex (the baby daddy) accused her of making the pregnancy up for attention, often labelling her a ‘Liar’. This is my response on behalf of her.”

A formidable artist, Hills says, “From the wild concrete jungle city of Birmingham to the rural sights of Shropshire my stories and my messages are everlasting and represent a voyage of struggle, determination, pride, self-searching and acceptance of individuality. I find happiness in music and making others feel empowered, fierce and fearless.” She continues, “As a composer, producer and experienced performance artist, I take pride in my ability to deliver a great show and message.” We would love to catch Hills’s live show we are sure it would be as dynamic and engaging as, ‘Liar’.

‘Liar’ was released in October 2019, and we can’t believe we are only just discovering it now! We can not wait to see what Hills will do in the 2020s.

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