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Satchit – ‘Stargaze’

The incredible artist Satchit has released his latest single ‘Stargaze’ today (24th January 2020). It is an atmospheric song that is filled with energy and spirit.

Juxtaposing vibes open the song, an alarming sample is set against a smooth RnB instrumental. The varied and engaging vocal begins, and the listener feels safe in Satchit’s hands. We adored the keys and guitars that add warm colours to the piece, as well as interest and intrigue. 

Once the beat drops, further layers appear, and the backing instruments fill the audio spectrum. The high hats are energetic, and the layered sensual vocals are genuinely captivating. We found the chorus to be catchy and thoroughly engaging.

Satchit says about the release, “From the track’s lyrics one can hear a person who is searching for his potential other half, and projecting possible scenarios that they could be in together were he to find it. He is literally looking for someone to stargaze with him.” He continues, “This is reflected in the video, which shows two individuals who are destined to be together, hearing the same music which is trying to pull them together. And no matter how close they end up getting to finally meeting each other, they don’t actually meet. Since they don’t know that they are destined for each other.”

 ‘Stargaze’ has been written and produced by Satchit, Jack Louis Rennie has provided guitars, and Oliver Bowring has mastered the track. Collectively they have done an excellent job, and the song is an emotive and compelling piece of work. 

So make sure you check out ‘Stargaze’ this weekend, it is an exciting release that will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

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