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FV Music Blog – Say Kids – ‘Hootie Hoo’

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Hailing from Nashville, Say Kids are an indie-rock band whose latest single is a cracker. ‘Hootie Hoo’ was released in May 2020, and its enticing vibe is destined to win the hearts of its listeners. 

A full and dynamic band sound greets the listener. There is a funk feel in the instrumentation, and this paves the way for the stoic and melodic vocals to enter. We found the vocals to be driving and energetic with a passionate performance. 

The chorus is thoroughly addictive; the upbeat groove continues as do the soulful vocals. We love the return to the opening riff before the second verse. The lyrics are relatable, and this is a big part of Say Kids’ charm. As the track progresses to the bridge, magic happens. The smooth and captivating transition sits perfectly and leads back into a recognisable and welcomed chorus. We also loved the mix, master and production of the single. Everything has its own space in the mix and has room to breathe. There is an effortless harmony in the balance which graces the single.  

FV Music Blog – Say Kids – ‘Hootie Hoo’

Say Kids describe the release as, “Geddy Lee-style vocals with a twist of modern Alternative Rock, disco-heavy rhythms and psychedelic musings.” We completely agree. ‘Hootie Hoo’ is a classic in the making. 

This rock-pop single is destined to be a hit. Say Kids are an exciting band with a bright future ahead of them. We are very much looking forward to hearing what they will do next. Make sure you add it to your weekday playlist today, you will not be disappointed.

FV Music Blog June 2020

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